Friday, November 14, 2008

Visiting Kampala Unitarian Universalists

It's Friday evening and we have had a very full and inspiring two days with the Unitarian Universalists of Kampala, Uganda. Rev. Mark Kiyimba and 6 leaders of the Kampala congregation joined us for dinner on Thursday evening, and on Friday we visited an orphanage for 15 HIV-AIDS orphans sponsored by the congregation, as well as a UU school for more than 200 HIV-AIDS orphans in a nearby village. The ministry that Rev. Mark and his congregation are providing is amazing and we'll tell a more complete story about it shortly. But, below are a few photos and videos from our visits.

At the Orphange

At the Unitarian School

After arriving back in Kampala this evening we shared dinner with Rev. Mark and three of the LGBT members of his congregation. They shared heart-wrenching stories about their experiences, and confirmed the incredible welcome and sense of being "at home" that they found at the UU congregation.